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Brutewood Medium Security Penitentiary

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Gay Medium Security Prison Erotica, Vol. 1.jpg The Brutewood Correctional books designated "Medium Security" may be romantic and may be very kinky, but have no outright violent rape or sadistic/cruel sex scenes. There may be sexual favors obtained through extortion, blackmail or other nonconsensual situations.
Gay Medium Security Prison Erotica, Vol. 1.jpg
Str8 Till Showertime: The Hunkiest Inmate: Stan is a gay white man behind bars, but he's been disappointed by his sexual options lately -- all the hottest men here are exclusively straight. But it turns out that at least one hunky mandingo thug has a different view on heterosexuality: nothing counts so long as it happens in the shower! So when he needs a little release, and he's gotta prove how tough he is, it's up to Stan to worship his body and submit to his muscle-bound swaggerous lust! Str8 Till Showertime - The Hunkiest Inmate.jpg
The Prison Wife: Hawk is a gorgeous gay man in prison, and he's surprised to get a proposal on his very first day, within minutes of his arrival. He meets the legendary prison thug Thumper White, star of countless Brutewood Correctional tales, but Thumper takes things much farther than ever before! Can Hawk feel safe enough to lust for Thumper? Can Thumper express -- and accept -- love? The Prison Wife.jpg
Prison Trade: Inmate Worship: Warren loves prison meat, and he'll pay whatever it costs to get what he wants! So when he sets up an encounter with one sexy inmate, it promises to be the most outrageous bit of rough trade ever. Today he's got one studly black thug waiting for him, only he thinks he's getting a female -- luckily Warren has what it takes to make his latest prison alpha forget about girls! Can he handle this much raunchy prison sex? Prison Trade - Inmate Worship.jpg
Brutewood Conjugal Downlow: Ratheen came to the conjugal trailer at Brutewood Prison for a hetero gang-shoot, but then he finds out he's the new guy, which means he has to be fluffer for the whole gang! He's willing to do what it takes to make a porno movie with his idol, rapper Cairo Degreez, even if that means taking on the whole cell block! Will this hardcore straight movie get made? Or it will turn into extreme str8core-submission action?! Brutewood Conjugal Downlow.jpg
It's Not Gay If...: It's Past Lights Out: Waylon is looking forward to at least one aspect of his time in prison -- the hot straight muscle-thugs needing release! But he's not sure it'll happen because his cellmates firmly believe that homosexuality is wrong. And then the lights go out. It turns out that, behind bars, the rules change depending on how much light is in the cell. That means when the shadows of night fall upon Waylon, he and his biggest, toughest, alphaest cellmate start getting freaky! It's Not Gay If... - It's Past Lights Out.jpg
Prison Scenario 4622: Biker Brawn: As a gay twink spending a weekend in lockup, Gary has good reason to be scared -- he's got no idea what he's in for! But then he finds out that he gets to do his time in the local jail's shower because there aren't enough cells for him, so he gets to watch a bevy of bulging bikers clean their filthy bodies. Luckily before they do that, he's in for a treat: the newest biker has to follow a gang tradition of screwing someone on his first day in jail. Gary is the only someone around who's willing, leading to a hardcore redneck-biker hazing extravaganza that you'll have to read to believe! Prison Scenario 4622 - Biker Brawn.jpg
The Mature Ebony Rhythm Band Behind Bars: As a jailer in mid-19th century Tennessee, Deputy Raymond John in a tight spot because he's opposed to the racial attitudes of his era but is also sworn to uphold the law, whether it's right or wrong. So when a rhythm band of four mature black men arrive, he treats them with more respect than his fellow officers. These buckstrong farmworkers-turned-folk singers-turned-escapees heat up prison life to a lustful Southern swelter, and things between Deputy John and his ebony inmates quickly turn erotic. That leads to Deputy John's sexual ethics and morality coming into question, in this outrageous tale of antebellum action and musical muscle, full of so much black-on-white group sex you'll open a barbershop! The Mature Ebony Rhythm Band Behind Bars.jpg
Chainmates: Toby and Ben are on the run from the chain gang! In antebellum Texas, escapees are treated most harshly indeed. They've got nowhere to go except to hide out in a cave in the woods, and they're chained together so they can't be apart... not that either one wants to. Toby is smaller than Ben, which he assumes means that Ben will always be the dominant one, but for prisoners and escapees, the rules are a little different. Ben is just desperate enough to do whatever it takes to make Toby spread his legs, and Toby is ready to spread 'em! Str8 Till Dark - Chainmates.jpg
Brutewood Weekend Lockup: Alpha Pimp Worship: Andy lives in the ghetto of Compton and his neighbor is a mandingo pimp named Smoothness. One Friday evening, Smoothness invites Andy to spend the weekend in jail with him -- he doesn't want to go without women until he gets bailed out on Monday, and his only option is a cute twink like Andy! Once he's on the inside, Andy spends a weekend exulting in alpha ebony thug worship, including spitting, humiliation, rimplay and raunchy submission! This is one weekend Andy will never forget! Brutewood Weekend Lockup - Alpha Pimp Worship.jpg
Alpha Cellmate: The Redneck: Dewayne is a gay man behind bars who loves being dominated by macho studs and rednecks -- at Brutewood Prison, that's like a superpower! Luckily his cellmate is a buff hillbilly named Piggie, who's got his own ideas about how a submissive inmate should behave. Can Dewayne handle everything Piggie is ready to dish out? Is Piggie ready for Dewayne's desire to service every inch of Piggie's meat?! Alpha Cellmate - The Redneck.jpg
The Reacharound Game: At Brutewood Prison: Jake is a young black man who decides to participate in the Reacharound Game, a tradition at Brutewood Prison. It helps him ease his horniness when it gets to be too much, but it comes with certain obligations he thought he would dislike. Yet each time he goes through with it, Jake finds it increasingly comfortable, even enjoyable. Before he knows what's happening, Jake grows to love the man-on-man action that usually comes with doing time at Brutewood Prison. Will he be able to take his cellmate's massive lust? And will he ever manage to reach all the way around?! The Reacharound Game - At Brutewood Prison.jpg
Twink on Top: Seven Minutes in Prison Cell Heaven: Eddie pays for the submissive-twink sexual experience of a lifetime -- he's going to be dominated by the ruthless prison thug of his choosing! But that inmate turns the tables on him, and begs to be in the opposite position. He's as shocked as you'll be! Can you handle hardcore Brutewood-style prison sex with the twist of a twink on top?! Twink on Top - Seven Minutes in Prison Cell Heaven.jpg
Prison Alpha: The Big Black Bull: In 1930s Alabama, a gay black man in prison isn't likely to fare too well -- but luckily, Willie's cellmate is Ben, a giant black bull who's been lonely for a long time. Ben is not a violent man; he's a gentle brute, who wants to fall in love and live with his cellmate in filthy rutting harmony. Can Willie accept his feelings and accept Ben's proposal to live in prison-wife bliss? Prison Alpha - The Big Black Bull.jpg
Honky Hunting: The Hick Convict: Jermaine is a young black man with a taste for str8 redneck studs. Those are the only kind of men he likes, and luckily, he's got a talent for finding them! This time he's after a filthy convict neighbor who was just released from a prison bid. He goes by Blue, and he's part-thug/part-redneck and all alpha, oozing with sex from every orifice and every tattooed pore! Is Jermaine the object of Blue's sexual desires or the newest victim of his crime spree? How far will Jermaine go to satisfy him? How horny can one ex-con get? You'll have to read on to find out! Honky Hunting The Hick Convict.jpg
Twink on Top: Penal Party: Ted doesn't know what he's in for when a prison party turns into a prison shower sex-event that you'll have to read to believe. The macho alpha thug who threw the party -- a Boston bad boy named Chowder -- has committed to doing anything Ted wants to prove his dedication, even if tiny twink Ted wants to top that beefy alpha bottom! Can Brutewood Prison handle the hotness that erupts when a twink tops? Twink on Top - Penal Party.jpg
Big Boy's Wife: 18-Year Old Marcus is sent to prison for the first time. The young fish soon learns that he needs to stand his ground, if not to be at the mercy of the big, black prison bull. Unless, perhaps, being with a black man was Marcus' ultimate fantasy to begin with? Gay Erotica Placeholder.jpg
Mississippi Prison Sex: Robbie is settling into his life at Brutewood Correctional Facility, but he's about to learn how deep and dirty prison can be -- in Mississippi jail cells, rednecks get rough quick! He owes a few dollars, and he's going to pay a high price to settle that debt... Mississippi Prison Sex.jpg
Cellmate Lust: Loquan is new to Brutewood, the hottest men's prison in the world -- it's a tough place, but Loquan's got a secret weapon: he's bisexual! That means he doesn't mind getting freaky on the downlow, and that's good for him because his cellmate is Thumper White, the all-star ex-boxer and star of a multitude of Brutewood's best-selling stories! Thumper wants to get nasty with Loquan, and he even sets up a little bedroom in their cell to have some privacy. Will Loquan be able to do everything Thumper demands?! Will he enjoy it? Or will Thumper be able to resist his urges?! (hint: no) You'll have to read on to find out! Cellmate Lust.jpg
Str8 Till Dark: Jailmates: Rashad has only got one month to serve behind bars, which seems easy. But his cellmate, however, may turn out to be difficult to get along with -- his name is Samson, and he's one of the highest-ranking gangbangers around. He's got a curiously sexy notion about what should happen when the lights go out, but will Rashad be able to accept it? Str8 Till Dark - Jailmates.jpg
Servicing a Prison Gang: Lee goes to prison to meet his client, who's got an appeal coming up next week. His client is Thumper, a long-time convict whose got some secret proclivities that Lee has an interest in as well. Thumper loves Asian gayboys like Lee, and Lee loves swaggering thugs like Thumper and his niggas. You won't believe how outrageous this jailhouse erotic tale gets! Black Guys Behind Bars.jpg
Black Guys Behind Bars: Karim is a tough thug, but even he's not prepared for what's in store for him at Brutewood Prison. He's in a prison cell that's run by a powerful Muslim inmate who's opposed to homosexuality but has some curious thoughts on where to draw the line. When things begin to heat up, Karim has to make a decision: is he going to play nice, and get down and dirty? And if he does, can he ever look himself in the mirror again? Black Guys Behind Bars.jpg
Dropping the Soap: Jamie is ready for his long-time fantasy: prison sex! He's managed to arrange an outrageous outing that will leave him satisfied and breathless. His neighbor sets him up in a real prison for a day, and even makes sure he gets into the shower when the men are horny and Jamie's hole is ready! A pimp named Raheim takes charge of Jamie's ass, and treats it the way a prison bottom deserves. Dropping the Soap.jpg
Twink on Top: Cellmates: Quinn is having trouble adjusting to life in prison, but at least he feels safe -- his ultra-alpha thug cellmate, Thumper, protects him. Thumper also treats him differently inside their shared cell and out of it. Outside Quinn is a punk, but once they're in the cell, they're passionate lovers. Now Thumper's going to take a new step forward: he's going to bottom, but with the twist that nobody can know, not even the thugs in the cells right next door. Thumper is a legendary star of the Brutewood Penitentiary series of gay erotica, and here his ambiguous sexuality is at its fullest expression. Can Thumper handle his sexy twink cellmate? Can Quinn handle being a prison wife? Twink on Top - Cellmates.jpg
Str8core Sheriff Submission: Edwin has just been arrested in a small town in Alabama, and he doesn't know it yet, but he's about to experience the detainment of a lifetime! It seems the local officer has some peculiar desires and interests, ones that openly-gay Edwin can't wait to explore! When they team up to intimidate a local tough residing in jail, you won't believe how hot and heavy this story gets! Str8core Sheriff Submission.jpg
Servicing Black Thugs: The Inmate: As a deliveryman, Roger had no idea what he was in for when he went out on his daily route. He ended up with a delivery for the local jail, where he meets a reformed thug named Charlie with the body of a chocolate god. Roger has the almost supernatural ability to detect straight black men willing to bend downlow, and his suspicions are proved correct as soon as he gets Charlie alone. This outrageous short story has a prison kitchen conclusion you'll have to read to believe! Servicing Str8 Black Thugs The Inmate.jpg
The Twink, the Thug and One Steamy Prison Shower: Ting knows that, as an Asian gay twink, he's not likely to do very well in prison. Luckily he loves servicing big thugs, and when he discovers that his cellmate is down, Ting goes down on him! His cellmate's name is Thumper, an ex-boxer with a penchant for dominating young men into submission, which is a position Ting is all too happy to be in. When things get tough in the prison shower, Thumper gets rough and Ting shakes his stuff like no one ever has before! The Twink, The Thug and One Steamy Prison.jpg
Turkish Prison Shower Sex: Reggie thinks his life might be over -- he's about to serve jail time in Turkey, a country known for its ruthless penitentiary life. He's a gay man in a Turkish prison, and his only friend turns out to be a burly English-speaking bear named Kemal! But you won't believe what goes in the long steamy group showers at Turkish prisons. Nothing really counts in the bathhouse, and Reggie is rip-roaring ready to earn his protection the old-fashioned way! Turkish Prison Shower Sex.jpg
Chain Gang Prisoner Sex: Thad is a white liberal in 1950s America, and he's got a hankering for black meat, especially the rough and tumble men of the US prison system. So he sets up an encounter with a chain gang whose men are so horny they're ready to bust! You won't believe how outrageous this str8core story gets! Thad gets more than he ever thought possible... Chain Gang Prisoner Sex.jpg
Men of the New Zealand Prison System: Johnny is an American imprisoned in New Zealand for a crime he didn't commit. But his most immediate problem is his cellmate, Naki, a Tongan muscle-god and alpha dom with some very definite ideas on what kind of relationship he wants with Johnny. Johnny's not sure he wants the same thing, but he doesn't have a lot of options. When a gang of white kiwis gets involved, Johnny's got a choice to make! Does he make nice with Naki or go along to get along with the New Zealanders? You'll have to read on to find out! Men of the New Zealand Prison System.jpg
The Tragedy of Othain Moore, the Chief Nigga of Cell Block Charlie: When a prison gang leader falls in love with a young Aryan cell block bitch, their shared love sets into motion a classical tragedy of epic and erotic proportions. Othain Moore is a crude, brutish gangbanger, the last person anyone thought would come to love a jailhouse bottom. Dizzy is a tough white man, once forced into an Aryan gang to survive in the harsh environment of Brutewood Correctional Facility. Othain and Dizzy find themselves in a passionate affair so intense they can not bear to hide it, and Othain revolutionizes his gang, the Nine Tats, by adopting a gentler approach to incarceration. But not everyone in the Nine Tats approves, especially Othain's consigliere Jag. The Tragedy of Othain.jpg
Str8 Till Dark: Cellmates: Tim is a new recruit to a white gang behind bars, and his cellmate and fellow gang member is a redneck named Stumbler. He's a big hairy dom who comes to Tim in the middle of the night... Will Tim make it to dawn? Will he enjoy what happens when the lights go out? Str8 Till Dark - Cellmates.jpg
The Secrets of Bumcraw: When Dwayne Willett came to Bumcraw, Montana to discover the identity of his wife's killer, he didn't know he'd be sucked into a world of hot man-on-man sex within the town's seedy underbelly. Dwayne finds that the answers he seeks can only be found by crossing boundaries he never thought he'd cross, his search taking him into the wild, hot and sweaty arms of the rednecks, bikers, criminals and cops who populate the town of Bumcraw.

Featuring: Victor Roach

The Secrets of Bumcraw.jpg
Black Bear Behind Bars: Thumper White and Gary Frankson are cellmates — one neat, the other a mess; one old, the other young; one a lifer, the other a short-timer. Gary is glad on the one hand to live with someone as powerful in the prison gang leadership as Thumper, but on the other hand, he must always be careful to avoid drawing Thumper’s ire. As he and Thumper grow close, he finds that time and physical intimacy have played a role on Thumper’s sense of boundaries, and his ostensible heterosexuality is no match for his need for human contact. Gary goes along to get along, only wanting to survive long enough to live as a free man once again.

Featuring: Wendell "Thumper" White

Black Bear Behind Bars.JPG
Men of the Mexican Federal Prison: Rick is an American imprisoned in Mexico. He's worried his life might be over, but things start to look up when he is claimed by a sexy Hispanic hombre who goes by El Oso. El Oso wants sex, and Rick is all too happy to give it to him, especially if it means he'll be treated like a prison queen by their other cellmates. This is an outrageous and incredible tale that you'll have to read to believe! Men of the Mexican Federal Prison.jpg
Servicing Black Thugs: The Prisoner: Roger is good at finding hot black men with a need for a discrete way to drain their sacs. When he spies a prison crew picking up trash on the side of the road, he sees the opportunity of a lifetime! He finds one prisoner, Jermaine, whose got so much pent-up prison horniness he'll do anything Roger wants! You won't believe how incredible this story's roadside conclusion gets! Servicing Str8 Black Thugs The Prisoner.jpg
Men of the El Salvador Federal Prison: Hernan is a slim young man who has no idea what he's in for when he's sent to El Salvador's most notorious prison. He thinks he can handle himself, but he's wrong in more ways than one! At Zacate Prison, people like Hernan need protection, and someone like the burly cholo Oso is only too happy to provide it. Oso is ready to show Hernan a new way to live, if only Hernan is willing to learn. Their relationship evolves in unexpected ways as Hernan confronts the reality of his life behind bars.

Featuring: El Oso

I-white man's shoulder.jpg
The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Julio and Rome: Julio and Rome are two straight men whose paths cross behind the walls of Brutewood Correctional Facility, the hottest prison in the land, full of macho studs and outrageous man-on-man action! Julio Capulo is an inmate, a young man who joined Los Alcachutres prior to his conviction, hoping to ensure his safety. But there's a stronger, older and more powerful cholo, El Carcayú, who has malign intentions towards Julio's slim, vulnerable body. Officer Romeo Montaga has worked at Brutewood for years, and he never thought he'd fall in love an inmate. But then, he never thought he'd fall in love with a man at all! Sometimes prison bars make for strange bedfellows... When a chance encounter leads to a guard's death, Rome and Julio find that their love is being tested like they never thought possible! You won't believe where this story ends up, in this modern gay erotic retelling of Shakespeare's immortal classic "Romeo and Juliet"!

Featuring: Wendell "Thumper" White - El Carcayú

Julio and Rome.jpg
Jailhouse Downlow: Jim Wilson is willing to pay a lot of money for the perfect sexual encounter. An escort named Calvert Howard is able to make it happen; he gets Mr. Wilson arrested at just the right time so he can spend the night with three of the hottest, toughest gangbangers around! Mr. Wilson pretends he doesn't want to be there as he gets treated as a sexual plaything, just like he's always wanted to be. But things only get more outrageous from there! One of the policemen involved, Officer Hargitay, has some thoughts of his own, and he decides to cut Calvert out of the situation. That means Wilson gets even more of the hot jailhouse action he craves!

Featuring: Calvert Howard - El Carcayú

Jailhouse Downlow.jpg
Brutewood Correctional Downlow: Paul is new to prison, and he's surprised to find one powerful thug taking him under his wing. His name is Thumper White, an ex-boxer with a penchant for new prisoners; he makes it clear that he wants Paul to agree to be his prison wife. Paul isn't so sure, but as his life at Brutewood Prison gets more and more tense, Paul finds that his best option is to go with the flow! Thumper isn't a typical prison top; he wants more than just a way to satiate his urges. He wants passionate man-on-man sex with someone who worships every inch of his body; he wants to be the dominant man in this relationship, and Paul must decide whether to give him what he wants or try to preserve his own manhood! This is an outrageous full-length novella with an incredible ending you won't wanna miss!

Featuring: Thumper White

Brutewood Correctional Downlow.jpg
Redneck Worship: The Prison Guard: Eric is desperate to stay safe behind bars, and when he happens upon a kindly -- and studly -- guard, Eric is ready to do whatever it takes to get some protection. Officer Martin is a burly redneck with a girlfriend, but she doesn't treat him right... not like Eric would love to do! Eric's been looking for a macho redneck whose filthy body he can worship, and Officer Martin is happy to oblige. Redneck Worship - The Prison Guard.jpg
Men of the Alabama State Prison: Steve is desperate to survive his prison sentence. He knows it won't be easy, but he's willing to do what it takes. However, he can't decide if his cellmate is going to help or hurt him. His name is Carruthers, and he's a big, brutal redneck who claims to want to "seduce" Steve. But Steve doesn't want to be seduced, and it's not clear Carruthers will take no for an answer!

Featuring: Thumper White - Officer Armstrong

Men of the Alabama State Prison.jpg
Men of the California State Prison: Convicts Downlow: Charlie is a gay man behind bars, but he's surprised to find that his cellmate wants a real relationship, of sorts. Charlie is as safe as can be, and lucky for him, he loves submitting to cellmate, Raheim, who's a powerful gangbanger and pimp. Raheim needs to feel affection any way he can get it, and Charlie's willing to give it to him any way he can. Men of the California State Prison - Convicts Downlow.jpg
The Prison Guard and the Submissive Prisoner: Jerry is a gay man behind bars, and the only thing more frightening than his fellow inmates is the guard, Officer Armstrong, a burly redneck with very strict ideas about respect and submission! Jerry isn't sure whether he should pretend to be straight or not, but as he learns how Officer Armstrong wants to be treated, Jerry finds he can't hide how aroused he is! You won't believe how hot and hardcore this story gets... The Prison Guard and the Submissive Prisoner.jpg
Twink on Top: Officer Awful: Kyle has a plan -- he's going to be dominated by a straight alpha male macho cop named Auffernan, though he's called Officer Awful. But Officer Auffernan has something else in mind. Kyle has been a twink and a bottom his whole life, and Officer Awful has always been on top, but things are about to turn topsy-turvy in one hot jail cell! Twink on Top - Officer Awful.jpg
Men of the Brazilian Federal Prison: The unthinkable has happened to Joe: he's sentenced to prison while on vacation in Brazil. He's living in primitive conditions with brutish men, more than one of whom take a liking to him. Joe isn't sure if he's better off pretending to be straight or being openly gay, but soon enough the decision is made for him! Men of the Brazilian Federal Prison.jpg
Turkish Oil Wrestling Prison: When an American soldier is caught off-base in Turkey with a small amount of marijuana, he is sent off to the hardest, cruelest prison in the country. The inmates there are tough and macho, bulging with muscles and curves, but are comfortable with a degree of physical intimacy that would be seen as gay in much of the Western world. Our hapless hero finds himself in a position that's both erotic and humiliating, serving as a specialized masseuse for the men of the prison oil wrestling team. Pleasing their aching muscles and rubbing them down with oil every day, he must struggle to find a name and a place for himself among the brutes he finds himself living with.

Featuring: Kemal Kudret

Turkish Oil Wrestling Prison.jpg
Prison Guards Downlow: Eddie is a trustee at Brutewood Correctional, the legendarily tough men's prison where weaklings are used by superior men, and superior men sometimes find the tables have turned. As a trustee, Eddie interacts mostly with the guards, including the corrupt and vindictive Officer Armstrong and the more protective Officer Barnett. When Armstrong begins to take advantage of Eddie, it's Barnett to the rescue! As things heat up in the guards' locker room, Eddie finds himself split between both uniformed studs! Things only get hotter and heavier from there, as more guards come in to watch and Officer Armstrong finds himself giving the reacharound he never thought he'd reach! Prison Guards Downlow.jpg


A Yaoi Tale of Prison Masseur Lust: Ollie needs protection, and his cellmate, Wilson, needs affection. But will they both be willing and able to give each other what they need? Wilson is a tough, cruel thug who doesn't take any crap from anybody. Ollie is a delicate gay twink who lusts for Wilson's body. Their relationship careens wildly from frosty to lusty to violent and back again, as neither knows what they truly want. Wilson's macho straight attitude makes him unwilling to show how he truly feels about Ollie... Until the lights go out. Wilson is one of those prison-thugs that has one set of iron-clad non-negotiable rules for prison life during the day, and another set of firm, throbbing rules that apply under cover of darkness. This is a hardcore M/M yaoi short about love, vulnerability and pure, unadulterated lust. GAY - A Yaoi Tale of Prison Masseur Lust.jpg
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