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CUMMIES is a Collaborative Universal Multiauthor Multiplot Internet Erotic Story that exists right here on Eroticature. Each story within the CUMMIES project is called a Cummy.

How does it work?

1: Pick a word or term. Blonde, Japan, Queen Victoria, tundra, Neptune, avarice or Fermat's Last Theorem, for example, would all be fine choices.

2: Write the first chapter of an erotic story with that title. So if you chose the word Japan, you should write the first chapter of a hypothetical erotic book entitled Japan.

3: Write a subsequent chapter of any erotic story. Aside from some rules (see below), that's it. Anybody can join in. Edit to expand or improve on what's there. Add more chapters. Create new stories. Fork a story you like in a new direction through a different word.


  1. You may pick any word that is not gibberish, an article, preposition or conjunction.
  2. Fictional brands and people are fine. Real brands and (living) people are strictly prohibited. Even incidental use in dialogue will be replaced with fictional equivalents.
  3. Each individual Cummy should follow its own continuity. Try to keep other Cummies consistent, but it's not a strict rule.
  4. Link to other stories as you like, but no more than once per paragraph at most.
  5. No children in any even remotely sexual context. They may not participate in, witness or talk about sex in any Cummy. "Children" means anyone under eighteen years of age.
  6. The sexual content in a Cummy should follow a progression (i.e. don't start off with incredibly hardcore sex in the first chapter). Include some context and non-sexual plot in each chapter. Very brief or incoherent additions may be removed. You must follow the storyline and themes of the previous chapters.
  7. Each chapter must have a beginning, a middle and an end. It can be short, but it can't be just a few lines or context-less sex.
  8. Hardcore rape, bestiality and other extreme topics should be kept to later chapters, especially outside of the more obvious titles, e.g. rape, torture.
  9. The title must be literally relevant to the story. e.g. kitten may be about a woman named Kitten, but also has to be about a kitten. Kittens must be about more than one kitten.
  10. Titles are capitalized because they are proper nouns. For example Athletic supporter redirects to Athletic Supporter.
  11. Words with ambiguous meaning should be disambiguated, e.g. calf (body part) is a different story than calf (baby cow).
  12. No fanfiction and no references to copyrighted real-world fictional universes at all, even incidental use in dialogue. Public domain stuff like Shakespeare is fine.
  13. You may add a chapter to a Cummy in order to promote your own Open Setting Licensed-works. Assuming your work is substantial and does not need to be majorly edited to remain, you may link to a buy page on Amazon, Smashwords or elsewhere, and you may use an affiliate link. It will not be removed.
    1. You may use a sample chapter from your published work as the first chapter of a Cummy. It must, however, be edited to work as a standalone story and it won't give you any special measure of control over subsequent chapters. Posting text on this wiki releases it under the Creative Commons license. The rest of the work does not need to be CC-licensed, just the chapter posted here. The entire work must, however, be Open Setting Licensed.
    2. The Open Setting License allows you to keep the rights to your title, your work itself and adaptation rights. It allows others to re-use your characters, locations, events, brands and other setting elements in their own work.
  14. Add {{Cummy|theme 1|theme 2|theme 3}} to the top of the first chapter of each Cummy. Pick up to three themes that will be constant for this Cummy (e.g. "romance", "beach", "love"). These must be themes that are reasonably likely to be used by other authors, in other stories. You should also specify an orientation audience (e.g. "for straight men") if you want the story to be specific throughout.
  15. You may start a new story for different forms of the same word, e.g. blonde, blond, blondes, blondie, blonde hair, blonde chick, etc, could all be different stories. But you must use terms with a little bit of use as terms, so not Macedonian blondes or blond plumbers or blonde babes of 1734. You may, however, create a 1730s blonde bombshell named Jane Smith and make a Cummy about her.
  16. Titles must be actual terms or words, or fictional proper nouns. No gibberish. No made-up phrases. They should use title capitalization (i.e. capitalize first letter of all words except prepositions, conjunctions and articles under four letters long).
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