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Eroticature:Orgy Room

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The Orgy Room is a general community portal and discussion area. The moderator of this website is Eroticatorium (talk).

What is this place?

What do we do here?

You can, by and large, do other stuff too, as long as it's acceptable copyright-wise and is in the general spirit of the project. You can go ahead and make pages about your erotic fiction in whatever reasonable manner or format you prefer. You can make landing pages for ads about your books -- just make subpages if you're using duplicate content (like Eroticature:Orgy Room/Subpage1) and let me know if you're going to be making lots of pages. That's fine, as long as they have real content, but please leave me a note on my talk page Eroticatorium (talk). You can also email me eroticatoriumATgmail.com.

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