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A series is a collection of works that are grouped together. They may share characters, themes or other elements. On Eroticature, the creator of a series can set its parameters for participation.


Closed series

Main category: Category:Closed series

The stories in a closed series are tightly controlled by a creator. They are usually strict in consistency, require particular themes, etc, and are typically invitation-only.

Open series

Main category: Category:Open series

The stories in an open series are part of an ongoing franchise open to anyone. These are intended for wide use and are tightly thematic: for example, the Str8 Studs Downlow series includes Militiamen Downlow and Inmates Downlow. Some open series may require the use of specific characters or settings, but others do not.

The maintainer will verify a high level of quality and consistency in length, pricing and thematic appropriateness.

Free series

Main category: Category:Free series

The stories in a free series are very loosely connected by a thematic or setting element. These are very casual in qualifications. For example, at the project All-Strong League, Gridiron Yards is for any gay erotica about American football jocks, and The Kit Comes Off is for any gay erotica about Association football (soccer) jocks.

These are meant to be more or less exhaustive, including all or nearly all thematically appropriate works. There is little oversight beyond some basic quality control.

How to make money through Eroticature series?

  1. Certain publishers (e.g. Eroticatorium) advertise on project and other pages where viewers will see series. Getting your book listed there will help you narrowly target your audience to people who are most likely to read your work.
  2. A rights swap is where you publish others' works and allow others' to do the same. For example, Joe contributes Militiamen Downlow and Inmates Downlow to the Str8 Studs Downlow series, and Alice contributes Farmboys Downlow and Rednecks Downlow. Joe publishes all four in Str8 Studs Downlow, Vol. 6 -- he pays Alice nothing, and he keeps all of the royalties. In exchange, Alice allows Joe to publish Farmboys Downlow and Rednecks Downlow in other compilations; Joe might publish them in a separate compilation of erotica about white men, for example. In this way, both Joe and Alice have published an equivalent amount of each other's work.
  3. You can agree to an ad coop based around a series (or project or any other wiki page). For example, five authors each contribute a book to a series and sign a contract obliging them to pay for a particular amount of advertising to a shared page that promotes all five books.
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