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Eroticature:Shared pen names

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One way to make money at Eroticature is to use shared pen names. They are designated names that anyone can use as a coauthor on their book. For example, four authors have contributed stories to the Randall Eisenhorn name. Randall Eisenhorn has a significant audience of people who buy his books about gay jocks, so if he is listed as a coauthor on your story, you just might find a whole new crop of readers are interested in your other pen name as well.

You must write a thematically appropriate book and ask the maintainer of this project, Eroticatorium (talk) (eroticatoriumATgmail.com), to use one of these pen names. A high degree of quality will be required, and you have to agree to certain formatting, pricing and length requirements, which may vary depending on the kind of story and which name. It won't be anything onerous, just a consistent look, feel and value with the other books by the same pen name.

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