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Love and Tobacco

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Title Love and Tobacco
Author Delmar Wilson
Love and Tobacco.jpg
Part of the following Series None
Part of the following Project(s) Brutewood Plantations
Links Amazon
Themes for Gay Men
(3=intense - 2=moderate - 1=light)
Black Men 3
Coercion (Rape) 1
Romance 2
Slavery 3

Kerald's life as a slave at Brutewood Plantation isn't so bad, he thinks, not that he wouldn't love to be free. But he loves one aspect of his subservient life: being punished by dear lovely Overseer Hendrick. Kerald craves the sting of the whip and the bondage of the stockade, which both frustrates and delights Overseer Hendrick. As they develop a potent and confusing relationship, Kerald faces the possibility of an unwilling life as a free, but lonely, man. Can their passion for each other survive a sexually tumultuous controversy of epic proportions?

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