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Servicing Black Thugs

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The Complete Servicing Black Thugs Megapack.jpg

The best way to read this series, and all of its outrageous str8core black thug alpha male worship glory, is through The Complete Servicing Black Thugs Big Bundle! on Amazon

  • Servicing Black Thugs: The Drug Dealer: Roger goes to a fast-food restaurant for only one reason: to buy some drugs from one of the guys who works there. His name is Tarik, and he's in a bad mood because it's a frustrating day to work for McDonnell's. When Roger offers to make him feel better, Tarik jumps at the opportunity -- a gangbanger like him doesn't turn down oral attention, not when he's got meat that needs lovin'. There's only two guys working there today, both of them hot young black thugs who are willing to go the extra mile for a customer... but not in a corporate-approved way. Roger wants to swing from their rods, and they have balls to drain, so this promises to be the most incredible service-worker shift ever! You won't believe the outrageous str8core downlow-thug action, with an amazing finale involving a cop who has no idea what's going on past the drive-thru window!
  • Servicing Black Thugs: The Convict: Roger has a habit of finding straight black thugs to service, and his latest conquest is a recent prison parolee named Thumper White. Thumper lives in a halfway home he has to sneak Roger into, but once he gets into Thumper's bedroom, anything can (and does) happen!
  • Servicing Black Thugs: The Gangsta: Roger's got a legendary love for swaggering black studs, but his latest stud is scarier than he ever thought he'd land! His name is Samson and he lives next door. He wants Roger to promise discretion in case he sees or hears any gangstaism, and Roger's willing to do whatever Samson says. Conversely Samson is willing to let Roger do unspeakable things to him so long as Roger keeps his mouth shut (figuratively, of course). Their relationship builds to an outrageous conclusion you'll have to read to believe!
  • Servicing Black Thugs: The Playa: When Roger meets Talaab, he had no idea he was in for the sexual ride of a lifetime. Talaab is a sexy straight black thug who's desperate for a little cash, and Roger is willing to provide whatever he needs. Talaab will submit to Roger's servicing for some dough, so Roger's got some baking to do. This incredible story has got so much alpha male thug worship str8core downlow action you'll never wear pink again!
  • Servicing Black Thugs: The Inmate: As a deliveryman, Roger had no idea what he was in for when he went out on his daily route. He ended up with a delivery for the local jail, where he meets a reformed thug named Charlie with the body of a chocolate god. Roger has the almost supernatural ability to detect straight black men willing to bend downlow, and his suspicions are proved correct as soon as he gets Charlie alone. This outrageous short story has a prison kitchen conclusion you'll have to read to believe!
  • Servicing Black Thugs: The Loan Shark: Roger has a talent for finding straight black men willing to bend downlow, and his latest conquest goes only by Thug King. Thug King is a loan shark who buys debt from other gangbangers and finds ways to make sure payment is swift -- Roger loves the brand of punishment Thug King is known for. He dishes out sexual punishment, which Roger has been craving! Their relationship leads to an incredible conclusion that's so hot you'll take out a loan to cover it. But you won't believe the interest rate....
  • Servicing Black Thugs: The Pimp: Roger hadn't planned on seeking sex on his trip -- he has an awe-inspiring ability to find straight black thugs willing to bend on the downlow, but this time, he just wanted to get home. When Roger sees a pimp plying his trade outside his hotel, however, he jumps into action. He wants to prove he can service black thugs better than any female whore, and a pimp named Slickback is entirely willing to let him try!
  • Servicing Black Thugs: The Robber: Roger comes home in the middle of a robbery. He's shocked and frightened, but even more than that, he's horny -- you see, Roger has the amazing abillity to detect black men willing to be serviced by a gay guy like him, and he's sure this home-robber is precisely such a stud. Their relationship leads to an incredible conclusion that's so hot you'll never lock your doors again!
  • Servicing Black Thugs: The Mugger: Roger can always find black men willing to bend downlow to get their needs met, and he's willing to service any one who strikes his fancy. When he's mugged on a subway late at night, he's in for his most dangerous conquest yet! The subway car breaks down, stranding Roger and his mugger in a train, and Roger makes an offer he'll remember forever. Luckily, this mugger is looking for a way to drain his nuts. You won't believe how hot this story gets.
  • Servicing Black Thugs: The Prisoner: Roger is good at finding hot black men with a need for a discrete way to drain their sacs. When he spies a prison crew picking up trash on the side of the road, he sees the opportunity of a lifetime! He finds one prisoner, Jermaine, whose got so much pent-up prison horniness he'll do anything Roger wants! You won't believe how incredible this story's roadside conclusion gets!
  • Servicing Black Thugs: The Gangbangers: Roger loves servicing hot straight black thugs, and he's given the opportunity of a lifetime by one of his past conquests. He's invited to a porno shoot for a nine-black-guys and one-white-woman ganging, with a twist -- that infamous little blue boner pill is off-limits! That means they need a fluffer, and when it turns out that Roger is better and more enthusiastic than the woman is, he gets more outrageous black meat than he ever thought he could take!
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