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Str8 Till Dark

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The 'Str8 Till Dark' Series, Vol. 1.jpg The Str8 Till Dark series is about what straight mates do when the lights go out!
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The best way to read the stories of the Str8 Till Dark series is through the box-set:

The 'Str8 Till Dark' Series, Vol. 2.jpg
Gymmates: Winston never knew what he was in for when he is accidentally locked in a gym overnight with a studly ebony DILF! Can he handle how hot things get with a straight man who's only Str8 Till Dark?! Str8 Till Dark - Gymmates.jpg
Tavernmates: Jasper has to share a tavern floor with a wandering barbarian prince named Konin, but he has no idea what kind of wild macho man-on-man action he's in for! This is one pair of tavernmates who will turn their dreary tavern-spot into a hardcore explosion of alpha male manlust! Str8 Till Dark - Tavernmates.jpg
Prisonmates: Brian dreads his time in prison, but he's actually looking forward to the part that a lot of guys are afraid of! Brian can't wait to trade his ass for protection -- unfortunately, his dozen studly ebony prisonmates tell him that sex is strictly forbidden nowadays... when the lights are on. Once it's night-time, however, anything goes, leading to a massive group prison-kkake spectacular you'll have to read to believe! Str8 Till Dark - Prisonmates.jpg
Closetmates: Raisin has been in local lockup for three months, and he's only got two more weeks to go. He's been lusting after studly Officer Martin this whole time, but he's married and straight and totally off-limits... Or is he?! Str8 Till Dark - Closetmates.jpg
Checkmates: It's an exhibition chessboxing match in North Korea, and two Spanish-speaking boxers and long-time friends have squared off! There's the Gibraltarian John and the Filipino Felipe, both of whom are heavyweight champions and chess enthusiasts. When both muscle-bound machos have to share a tiny Korean bed, the sparks between them fly, leading to an outrageous conclusion you'll have to read to believe! Str8 Till Dark - Checkmates.jpg
Farmmates: Octavio is a migrant farmworker -- called a bracero in the 1950s -- who works picking strawberries, with a strapping muscle-bound Mexican. When they spend a night in a barn together, Octavio decides to be a pasivo to his macho farmmate and hombre, resulting in a hardcore str8-trade tale todos ustedes tendrĂ¡ que leer para creer! Str8 Till Dark - Farmmates.jpg
Clanmates: Daichi is a new yakuza on a mission with an older, bigger muscle-bound goon, Hachino, whose got some interesting ideas about tradition and the role of smaller men! When Daichi and Hachino have to share a bed, this gay erotica tale of str8-trade, Japanese machismo and yakuza-tattooed alpha male lust gets so hot you'll spill your ramen! Str8 Till Dark - Clanmates.jpg
Floormates: Willie had no idea what he was in for when he had to spend the night in his dorm with no one but the Italian exchange student Federico. Federico is a charming muscle-bound ladysman, but with no females anywhere on campus, Federico wants to show Willie how straight men pass the time in Italy. Can Willie handle every ounce of Federico's Mediterranean meat? Str8 Till Dark - Floormates.jpg
Tribemates: Eagle is a construction worker in 1950s NYC, and he is still nervous about his job. He's got to share a tiny apartment with sixteen other Mohawk Indian men, which means at night, anything goes. Eagle has only ever been interested in girls, but now he's about to learn what it's like to be str8... till dark! Str8 Till Dark - Tribemates.jpg
Bangmates: Blunt and his teammates are ready to group and gang all over a petite white slut, but she backs out, so they're stuck in a hotel with nothing to do... except each other! When the lights go out, these hot black mandingos don't care where they stick their meat, because they're only str8 until dark! Str8 Till Dark - Bangmates.jpg
Chainmates: Toby and Ben are on the run from the chain gang! In antebellum Texas, escapees are treated most harshly indeed. They've got nowhere to go except to hide out in a cave in the woods, and they're chained together so they can't be apart... not that either one wants to. Toby is smaller than Ben, which he assumes means that Ben will always be the dominant one, but for prisoners and escapees, the rules are a little different. Ben is just desperate enough to do whatever it takes to make Toby spread his legs, and Toby is ready to spread 'em! Str8 Till Dark - Chainmates.jpg
Bathmates: Miles works all day at Prairie Stone Ranch alongside an older, bigger ranchhand named Hawthorn. By the time their workday is done, it's nightfall, and they trudge off to the barn to clean themselves off. Sharing a shower in the dark brings them closer together... much closer. It turns out that Hawthorn is a strong believer in tradition, and in younger ranchhands showing proper respect to the stronger men! Can Miles handle the traditional role of a new hand at Prairie Stone Ranch? Str8 Till Dark - Bathmates.jpg
Workmates: Vassily is new to a remote build-site in Siberia. He's desperate for extra rations under the Soviet system, so he'll do anything to fit in among his workmates, even though that means sharing a bunk with an older, bigger and hairier worker! His name is Yuri, and he's got some sexy views on what workmates should do together during the long, cold Siberian nights. It turns out Yuri is only str8 till dark! Will Vassily be able to fit in with his workmate? Will he be able to fit his workmate in?! Str8 Till Dark - Workmates.jpg
Inmates: Richard has been alone in his cell for weeks because his cellmate was in solitary, but he's back now. He goes by Pallor, and he is desperate for a little affectionate contact, wherever he can get it. Everybody is str8 till dark, especially at Brutewood Penitentiary! Str8 Till Dark - Inmates.jpg
Squadmates: Josh's squad of Marine Corps buddies play a peculiar game based on reaching around and grabbing whatever meat they find! When Josh is awoken late at night on a ship at sea, he had no idea what sort of ordeal he was about face. That's because his squadmate is burly thick-bodied redneck Yoder, who will do whatever it takes to spread his creamy seed deep inside Josh's ripped Marine body! You won't believe what happens onboard a ship where everyone is str8... till dark! Str8 Till Dark - Squadmates.jpg
Caremates: Jeremy and Bart fall asleep after an AB/DL role-playing trio that left them both wanting more. When their female companion has to leave, it's up to Jeremy and his new redneck-biker buddy, Bart, to either quit and go home... Or learn how sexy straight guys can get, in this hardcore str8-trade AB/DL short that will leave you diapered and breathless! Str8 Till Dark - Caremates.jpg
Bandmates: Eddie's heavy metal band is getting famous, but that doesn't mean he's living a life of glamour and easy sex -- he's toiling in cheap gigs and dirty hotel rooms with his bandmates, especially the burly drummer Starling. One night they're unable to secure separate rooms, so Eddie and Starling have to share a bed. That's when things get serious. Life on the road is hard, throbbing and oh-so-horny, and before they know what's going on, Eddie and Starling have taken matters into their own -- and each other's -- hands! Will this heavy metal twosome be able to handle all the powerful guitar-shredding meat they both have to offer? Str8 Till Dark - Bandmates.jpg
Chairmates: Omar and Arsenal are barbers who are trapped at the City Barbershop one night after a subway outage and a blackout combine to make it impossible for them to go home. Unable to leave the shop where they share a chair, Omar and Arsenal resort to a little action on the downlow to pass the time. Arsenal was recently released from prison, where he picked up a few tricks that Omar never saw coming! This is one City Barbershop tale you won't wanna miss! Str8 Till Dark - Chairmates.jpg
Roommates: Charlie is on the run from the law, so he moves into a rural shack with a pair of hillbillies and drug farmers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. His roommate is a macho redneck who goes by Piggie, who shocks Charlie by revealing they are to share the room... and the bed! On his first night, Charlie gets closer to Piggie than he ever thought possible. Will Charlie make it through the night? Str8 Till Dark - Roommates.jpg
Teammates: Liam is a footballer for a Guatemalan team, but he's not Latino at all. He's in for a culture-shock when he has to share a one-bed hotel room with a Hispanic macho soccer player named Hector. Will he be able to handle what str8 Latin men do when the lights go out? Str8 Till Dark - Teammates.jpg
Cellmates: Tim is a new recruit to a white gang behind bars, and his cellmate and fellow gang member is a redneck named Stumbler. He's a big hairy dom who comes to Tim in the middle of the night... Will Tim make it to dawn? Will he enjoy what happens when the lights go out? Str8 Till Dark - Cellmates.jpg
Crewmates: Laquan is stuck on a work crew building temporary lodgings out in the middle of nowhere. There are no women around, so Laquan and his boss, Merchant, have to take matters into their own hands. When they're no longer surrounded by rednecked white men, Laquan and Merchant engage in hardcore ebony action in the group showers, leading to an outrageous conclusion you'll have to read to believe! Str8 Till Dark - Crewmates.jpg
Housemates: George moves into a house with a bevy of studs, including one hairy bodybuilding Greek merchant marine named Demetrios. What happens at sea between straight men follows different rules than among straight men on land, a distinction Demetrios isn't very good at making. Will George fall into his housemate's muscular, hairy arms once the lights go out? This is one short but sexy tale of incredible Greek alpha male machismo! Str8 Till Dark - Housemates.jpg
Jailmates: Rashad has only got one month to serve behind bars, which seems easy. But his cellmate, however, may turn out to be difficult to get along with -- his name is Samson, and he's one of the highest-ranking gangbangers around. He's got a curiously sexy notion about what should happen when the lights go out, but will Rashad be able to accept it? Str8 Till Dark - Jailmates.jpg
Diapermates: Charlie and Abraham are both straight men at an ABDL convention, but when both of them strike out for the night, they decide to try something different. Like a lot of hot alpha male rednecks, Abraham is only str8 till dark, and Charlie is willing to do whatever it takes to get through the night! Str8 Till Dark - Diapermates.jpg
Fratmates: Bill is asleep in his frat house when his roommate comes in. His name is Arnie, and he's a beefy senior who's too horny to sleep. Bill isn't feeling tired anymore either, but he isn't sure he wants to do anything -- he's got a reputation to protect. But when Arnie convinces him that it doesn't count in the dark, all bets are off! Str8 Till Dark - Fratmates.jpg
Gangmates: Wyatt is on the run from the law, so he hides out in a barn owned by a rural black redneck named Eddie. When Eddie comes out to see Wyatt on his first night there, he shows him how things get down and dirty out in the country. Will Wyatt be able to handle it? You'll have to read on to find out, because what happens in the barn, stays in the barn! Str8 Till Dark - Gangmates.jpg
Churchmates: At a church lock-in, ex-con Kyree is surprised to find the pastor coming to see him late at night. His name is Brother Randall, and he's got some peculiar ideas about sin, manhood and lust! Will Kyree remain horny and frustrated all night, or will they both give in to temptation? Str8 Till Dark - Churchmates.jpg
Dormmates: Wyatt is on the run from the law, so he hides out in a barn owned by a rural black redneck named Eddie. When Eddie comes out to see Wyatt on his first night there, he shows him how things get down and dirty out in the country. Will Wyatt be able to handle it? You'll have to read on to find out, because what happens in the barn, stays in the barn! Str8 Till Dark - Dormmates.jpg
Tentmates: Sam goes on a camping trip with his neighbor, Wayne, a redneck and biker who brings along his biker gang buddies. That makes Sam the odd man out, so he turns in to get away from them. But he's sharing Wayne's tent, and it turns out Wayne has some ideas about what tentmates should do together, ideas that he learned behind bars. Sam has always been straight, but he is horny and willing to do whatever his macho alpha tentmate wants! How much steamy hot action can one tent hold? Str8 Till Dark - Tentmates.jpg
Carmates: Paul isn't entirely comfortable with his partner, Hank -- they're both cops in urban Chicago, but Hank is black and Paul is white. That's driven a wedge between them until a stake-out one evening turns their relationship upside-down. They can't ignore their conflict when cramped in a small space, but things take an unexpected turn that will leave you hot and bothered! You won't believe how outrageous this sexy interracial tale gets! Str8 Till Dark - Carmates.jpg
Bunkmates: Henderson is a young black man in prison who meets his new cellmate, a hulking brute named Fletcher. When Fletcher wakes him up in the middle of the night, Henderson has no idea what he's in for. Nothing is as it seems here in Brutewood Prison of 1950s Mississippi, where anything can happen at night, and everything is forgotten when the sun comes up the next morning! Str8 Till Dark - Bunkmates.jpg
Unitmates: Zach is a Marine shares his barrack with a studly redneck named Archie. They both agreed to servicing each other if they got too horny to resist, but Zach never thought it'd actually happen. One night everything changes when Zach wakes up with someone else in his bunk alongside him, and the arrival of their hot older sergeant turns this outrageous encounter into an incredible military humpathon! Str8 Till Dark - Unitmates.jpg
Skinmates: When Gerald leaves prison, he ends up crashing with Tower, a lieutenant in the Ivory Way prison gang. Gerald never really bought into their ideology behind bars, but he's about to have his loyalty tested in a major way! Will Gerald be able to display the dedication to service that the Ivory Way expects? This is a hardcore gay erotic short tale meant only for the most mature of readers. Str8 Till Dark - Skinmates.jpg
Shipmates: Benjamin is a pirate with a secret -- he doesn't like girls. But it seems it's not much of a secret, and at least one of his shipmates has figured it out. He's a muscular and tough ebony pirate from Jamaica who's too crude and rude for prostitutes, so when he comes back to the ship one night desperate and horny, while Benjamin is desperately lonely, sparks fly belowdeck! The only thing that can make this night hotter is one burly pirate captain stumbling on the scene, so prepare to be shocked by this story's incredible conclusion! Str8 Till Dark - Shipmates.jpg
Flatmates: Kashif's new flatmate is not like he was expecting -- he's a chav. He's a burly muscle-god street chav with a move-in tradition that Kashif never saw coming! Can he handle every second of intense chav action? Can you? Str8 Till Dark - Flatmates.jpg
Lockermates: Tanner is excited to be a freshman on a college football team as a first-string player, but he's not excited about sharing a locker -- and a hotel bed -- with the macho quarterback Chabo. When the lights go out before a big game, Chabo starts exploring Tanner's body, leading to an outrageous conclusion you won't believe! These ebony str8-tradin' studs are only str8 till dark! Str8 Till Dark - Lockermates.jpg
Campmates: Todd comes back to his work-camp on his first night off in weeks, but he's got no women to share his evening with; he has only one burly redneck roughneck named Forrest. Both men are too horny to go without sex, leading to an outrageous deal that you'll have to read to believe! Str8 Till Dark - Campmates.jpg
Saddlemates: When Edward goes on his first cattle ride in Old West Wyoming, he's not sure whether or not he's going to fit in. He's the only black cowboy there, and the others keep teasing him. But he's determined to grin and bear it, no matter what, even when the biggest and toughest cowboy around comes to him at night with a request. Edward decides to show how much he can accept, but it's turning out to be a bigger pain in his ass than he ever thought possible! Str8 Till Dark - Saddlemates.jpg
Napmates: When the woman Rick and Otto are supposed to have an AB/DL three-way role-play session with disappears, they don't know what to do! They were told to stay quiet for naptime but both Rick and the muscle-bound German Otto are too horny to nap. The lights are out, so the rules don't apply for these studs -- they're only str8 until dark! Str8 Till Dark - Napmates.jpg
Stalemates: In the midst of a war fought with swords, magic and brawn, Sir Amarton is a brave knight willing to fight for his cause. But when a truce leads to Sir Amarton staying in no-man's-land with a knight from the other side, things quickly turn hot and heavy! This battle has gone from stalemate to tail-mating in this clash of cultures, and in the end Amarton learns how hot and sexy knight-ass can be when it's bent over and winking! Str8 Till Dark - Stalemates.jpg
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