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Twink on Top

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50 Twinks Top 50 Tops.jpg The 'Twink on Top' series is about twinks who top the bears who bottom!

Twink on Top is an open series, which means writers like you may be able to contribute the next entry. Email eroticatoriumATgmail.com for more information!

The best way to read these stories is through the Twink on Top complete series bundle!

For even more extreme tales in this series, check out Twink on Top: Extreme Twinks and Taboo Bottoms

50 Twinks Top 50 Tops.jpg
The Freelancer and the Felon: Fan Lao is a freelance computer programmer with the roommate of a lifetime -- Dwayne Miles, a prison-muscle thug just released after thirty-two years behind bars. Dwayne needs a place to stay and says he'll let Fan take a swing on his ebony thugmeat. But when the lights go out, Dwayne reveals some shocking truths about his time in prison, and the relationship between him and Fan's alpha-worshipping twink ass turns topsy-turvy in this hardcore short tale of lust, machismo and love. Twink on Top - The Freelancer and the Felon.jpg
The Ebony DILF and the Masseur: What happens when Omar's studly redneck-jock neighbor needs to make some cash in a hurry? He's willing to bend over and take it, if that's what it takes, in this hardcore interracial black-on-white tale that puts the twink on top! Twink on Top - The Ebony DILF and the Masseur.jpg
The Artist and the Alpha: What happens when Omar's studly redneck-jock neighbor needs to make some cash in a hurry? He's willing to bend over and take it, if that's what it takes, in this hardcore interracial black-on-white tale that puts the twink on top! Twink on Top - The Artist and the Alpha.jpg
The Male Cheerleader: Can this straight football jock do what it takes to mess with the entire cheerleading squad? They're only willing to do it if he lets the male cheerleader, Charlie, join in, and he's got to bottom while that twink Charlie climbs on top! This is one upside-down tale of alpha male machismo and MM action! Twink on Top - The Male Cheerleader.jpg
Foot Worship: Kyle lusts for his hot alpha male neighbor, Patrick, but he's never had a chance to get close to him, until now! Patrick's having trouble meeting women now that everyone in Rhode Island knows that he lusts for delicate girlfeet. That means Patrick is just desperate enough that he doesn't care if the girlfeet he worships are an actual girl's, or if they're Kyle's pretty twink feet! He doesn't even care whether he bottoms or tops, so long as he gets to worship at some sexy foot altar, which Kyle is all too happy to provide! Twink on Top - Foot Worship.jpg
The Bachelor Party, the Gay Groomsman and the Gangsta: Will goes to his friend's bachelor party, where a macho pimp has set up each of the groomsmen with a beautiful woman -- only he didn't count on Will, who says he's not interested in girls. But much to Will's surprise, the pimp's got some sausage on-call too. Will finds himself in a cheap hotel room with Nutter, a tough ex-con and grizzled gangsta who's got some desires that Will never saw coming! Can Will handle climbing his delicate twink frame up top? Will Nutter be able to bottom on this side of the prison yard? Twink on Top - The Bachelor Party, the Gay Groomsman and the Gangsta.jpg
Twink on Top: The Dwarven Blacksmith: What happens when a macho dwarven blacksmith has to share a tavern room with a lithe cutie-pie human? One incredible night of body hair, hefty manhood and firelit passionate embraces! Can Armstrong Forgehammer handle the only thing stronger than his hammer: the awe-striking lust that erupts within when there's a Twink on Top!?! Twink on Top - The Dwarven Blacksmith.jpg
Ghetto Truth Or Dare: Rafe is about to get the visit of a lifetime -- a hardcore ghetto thug named Braxton comes by, needing a gay twink like Rafe to get down and dirty. Only Braxton doesn't want the kind of alpha male service that Rafe usually provides. Braxton has been dared into bottoming for Rafe, who jumps at the chance to to climb up top and tap Braxton's ebony gangbangin' ass! Twink on Top - Ghetto Truth Or Dare.jpg
The Finn in the Sauna: John is a Native American businessman in northern Finland, where one massive man stares him down in the sauna. John thinks that burly Finn, Heikki, wants a little alpha male service, but Heikki has the exact opposite in mind -- he wants to get down low so that sexy Indian twink John can climb up top! Can this Finnish bear handle bottoming? Will John figure out how to top someone who towers over him? Twink on Top - The Finn in the Sauna.jpg
Seven Minutes in Prison Cell Heaven: Eddie pays for the submissive-twink sexual experience of a lifetime -- he's going to be dominated by the ruthless prison thug of his choosing! But that inmate turns the tables on him, and begs to be in the opposite position. He's as shocked as you'll be! Can you handle hardcore Brutewood-style prison sex with the twist of a twink on top?! Twink on Top - Seven Minutes in Prison Cell Heaven.jpg
College Truth Or Dare: Ricky goes to a college party where he is the only gay twink. He's feeling pretty lonely until a couple of girls invite him into a game of Truth Or Dare along with a burly hot football jock named Terrell. Terrell is willing to do any dare as long as the girls follow through as well, leading to an outrageously sexy conclusion you'll have to read to believe! Twink on Top - College Truth Or Dare.jpg
Kiwi in a Tipi: Ryan is a New Zealander visiting Canada when he happens upon a studly Indian with a square jaw, tight ass and a whole lotta meat! For a lithe gay twink like Ryan, that can only mean one thing -- time for a little alpha male service. But this indigenous lust affair goes in a whole nother direction as the First Nations stud Sassaba heads down below so the cute kiwi Ryan can climb on top! It's an antipodean reversal you'll have to read to believe! Twink on Top - Kiwi in a Tipi.jpg
Gladiator Gruel: Flavius feeds the gladiators before they are sent into the arena, and sometimes they feed him too -- their swaggering meat! But his favorite gladiator, Brutus, who is also the biggest and brawniest, has something new in mind when Flavius stops by to see him. Brutus thinks he's going to be set up against impossible odds in the arena, and he wants to feel something special before that happens -- he wants to feel what it's like to get on bottom while a delicate twink like Flavius climbs up top! Twink on Top - Gladiator Gruel.jpg
Cramped Closet: Habib is a gay Egyptian man whose boyfriend, Mohammed, sees himself as totally straight because he's always on top. But when an argument threatens to break up their relationship, Mohammed is willing to do whatever it takes to stay together, even if it means he has to bottom while Arab twink Habib climbs up top! Twink on Top - Cramped Closet.jpg
The Paralegal and the Pimp: Lee's quiet night in is interrupted by a pimp named Smoothness. He's thankful because Lee helped get him out of a lengthy prison stay, so Smoothness is willing to give him any kind of sex he wants. But it turns out Lee is gay, and he doesn't want any of Smoothness' hos -- he wants Smoothness himself! Smoothness has never disappointed a customer, and he's not going to start now! Twink on Top- The Paralegal and the Pimp.jpg
Seven Minutes in Hillbilly Heaven: As a lawyer who just saved a bunch of rednecks from prison, Lyle basks in the victorious glow of his win. But the party his clients throw in his honor turns weird when they offer to play Seven Minutes in Heaven! That age-old party game allows Lyle to spend some "quality time" with a random redneck, who turns out to be a farmboy and linebacker named Hawthorn. Once their time in heaven starts, Hawthorn reveals he can go farther than Lyle ever thought possible. Will he be able to take it all? Will Hawthorn's hillbilly buddies realize what he's up to? How much thanks can these hardcore redneck-thugs dole out before Lyle realizes he can't take another inch? Twink on Top - Seven Minutes in Hillbilly Heaven.jpg
The Prison Wife: Gerald has intense feelings for his prison husband, Bonetap, but those feelings have never been reciprocated, until now. You see, Bonetap is straight, while Gerald is gay. But on their two-year anniversary, Bonetap readies a surprise that Gerald never thought possible. This is one hot slim gay man who's about to learn how erotic it is when a twink climbs on top! Twink on Top - The Prison Wife.jpg
The Gas Mask: Reggie is a bouncer at a gay club, which makes him uncomfortable because he's a straight black man with no desire for a little lavender in his life. When he spies a gas mask among the other gear, feelings are awakened within Reggie that he never thought he'd endure! Can Reggie handle it? Will the club's cute twink bartender, Mike, be able to satisfy Reggie's need? Will you be able to handle a twink on top? Twink on Top - The Gas Mask.jpg
Mile-High Pilot: Alain is a steward who has long been servicing his studly Latin pilot, Captain Martinez. But after being treated rudely, he's had enough. He decides he's not going to bottom anymore unless he gets a chance to climb into the airplane bathroom and join the mile-high club on top! Twink on Top - Mile-High Pilot.jpg
Fireman Fornication: Todd is just a shy gay accountant, but after an alarm, he finds himself driving a fire truck! It's exciting and when it's over, he gets an incredible opportunity. One redneck fireman needs to prove his devotion to the station by getting real low so small twink Todd can climb on top! Will they both be able to take this role-reversal alpha male fantasy?! Twink on Top - Fireman Fornication.jpg
The Gymnast and the Hairback Roughnecks: Jeremy is a champion gymnast stranded in a tiny town in North Dakota, where it turns out there are no women. A trio of burly hairbacks finds him, and they're so desperate they don't mind being with a girlie twink if that's what it takes to get their rocks off! Jeremy will only do it if he gets to be on top, resulting in an outrageous tale of hardcore hairy hunk action! Twink on Top- The Gymnast and the Hairback Roughnecks.jpg
Seven Minutes in Pimp Heaven: At the City Barbershop, gay barbers like Theo get their pick of hot str8 meat, cuz everyone who comes through wants a little action on the downlow! That includes the swaggerous pimp Daddy Rico who finds out that it's Theo's birthday and gives him a present of seven minutes in heaven. Theo has a mouth-watering opportunity to go to town all over Daddy Rico, who's agreed to do anything Theo wants... for seven minutes! Can Daddy Rico handle seven whole minutes in heaven? Can you?! Twink on Top - Seven Minutes in Pimp Heaven.jpg
The City Barbershop: Martin is a gay twink barber at the City Barbershop, and everyone in the 'hood knows what that means -- when someone wants a little man-on-man action on the downlow, he's who they turn to! But the straight thugs and bangers at the barber shop are always big, tough tops, so Martin rarely gets the chance to do anything besides bottoming. Everything changes when Martin becomes an unlikely hero, and the shop's owner, Rashim, decides to give him a bonus as a reward: a hot, throbbing slab of meaty bonus! Martin has his pick of straight ebony studs for one day, and he picks the biggest and most mature dilf of the lot -- Rashim himself! Will Rashim be able to bottom gracefully? How will Martin handle being a twink on top? Twink on Top - The City Barbershop.jpg
Shame, Shock and a Sumo Surprise: Hiroshi's job sends him to a sumo match, but the evening takes a shocking turn when he's invited into the locker room afterwards! It seems the losing sumo wrestler needs to regain his honor, and Hiroshi's twinky body is exactly what he needs. This is one outrageous tale of a hot curvy sumo wrestler who's about to experience one of the rarest of gay joys: a twink, on top! Twink on Top - Shame, Shock and a Sumo Surprise.jpg
The Gangsta and the Gaysian: Liu is a pert little gay twink, a medical resident and shy nerd. His neighbor is a hardcore gangbanger who sends one of his fellow gangstas over for a little sexual punishment, which Liu is all too happy to provide! Will that big hulking gangsta be able to bottom for Liu's smooth body and take every inch of his Asian manhood? Twink on Top The Gangsta and the Gaysian.jpg
An Aryan Assault: Joel's new Aryan neighbor is a terrifying mass of muscle, meat and menace. But when he shows up in the middle of the night to confess that he doesn't really believe in anything, Joel is about to find the tables have turned in a way he never thought possible! Will Joel be able to handle a self-assaulting Aryan? Will this delicate Jewish twink be unable to get off the bottom, or will he schlep himself all the way up top? This is a hardcore and extreme gay erotic tale, and it includes violent situations and homophobic, racist and anti-Semitic statements, meant as a role-playing and fantasy-fulfillment scenario. Twink on Top - An Aryan Assault.jpg
The Submission of Coach Carlisle: Lamar is surprised when the football team invites him into their locker room after a practice. He's a slim gay twink who's used to being bullied by big jocks like them, but they've got something else on their mind. Coach Carlisle has lost a little bet of sorts, and he can only satisfy his "debt" by letting the team watch as he bends down low and effeminate twink Lamar climbs on top! Twink on Top - The Submission of Coach Carlisle.jpg
The Redneck and the Barn: Charlie isn't sure about what kind of man he is -- he's not interested in girls, not that there are any on the farm anyway. There are a bevy of macho farmworkers, however, and one redneck stud in particular has attracted Charlie's attention. His name is Robert; he's willing to get down and dirty, on the bottom, to help Charlie understand the feelings he's got. This is an outrageous tale of one hot twink, one burly bear and a reversal of expectations that you'll have to read to believe! Twink on Top The Redneck and the Barn.jpg
Sniper in Diapers: Kyle is surprised by his ex-Marine neighbor, Elliott, who comes over with a curious request -- he's not asking for a cup of sugar, he wants a throbbing slab of meat! This muscle-bound macho Marine has developed an interest in diapers because they were useful for his military career, and now he's got a need for going down below while cute twink Kyle climbs up top! Twink on Top - Sniper in Diapers.jpg
Seven Minutes in Campground Heaven: Mikey gets in a confrontation with a bunch of bikers at a state park campground, but he never guessed how it would end. The biker who offended him says he's sorry by playing a game with Mikey -- Seven Minutes in Heaven! That's how you end up with a burly biker bear on bottom and a perk little twink on top! Twink on Top - Seven Minutes in Campground Heaven.jpg
Gays Can Thug Too!: Charlie works for a drug dealer, but he doesn't fit in with the other thugs because he's a gay West Coast twink with flair and panache, unlike the Philadelphia dealers he works alongside. But one afternoon things get crazy between he and another thug, and they nearly get into a fight. Peace only reigns supreme when they decide to swing on the downlow. But Charlie doesn't just kneel and service thugs like a lot of people expect -- he's one twink who enjoys climbing on top! Twink on Top - Gays Can Thug Too!.jpg
The Drill Sergeant and the Marine Corps Cadet: Tim Cohen is surprised when his drill sergeant neighbor shows up with a cadet in tow. It seems the Italian-American cadet, Pucci. has made an unusual request, and the drill sergeant doesn't want to say no out-of-hand. So he's going to make Pucci show how much he really wants this by submitting to Tim, a hot young twink who can't believe his good fortune -- he's got a sexy Marine cadet and drill sergeant at his door, begging him to get on top! Will Tim oblige? Twink on TopThe Drill Sergeant and the Marine Corps Cadet.jpg
Cellmates: Quinn is having trouble adjusting to life in prison, but at least he feels safe -- his ultra-alpha thug cellmate, Thumper, protects him. Thumper also treats him differently inside their shared cell and out of it. Outside Quinn is a punk, but once they're in the cell, they're passionate lovers. Now Thumper's going to take a new step forward: he's going to bottom, but with the twist that nobody can know, not even the thugs in the cells right next door. Thumper is a legendary star of the Brutewood Penitentiary series of gay erotica, and here his ambiguous sexuality is at its fullest expression. Can Thumper handle his sexy twink cellmate? Can Quinn handle being a prison wife? Twink on Top - Cellmates.jpg
A Redneck Romp: Mike never wanted to go camping with a bunch of rednecks, but when he ends up sharing a tent with one of the burliest rednecks he's ever seen, he gets excited. He's not sure if that muscle-bound redneck, Jethro, wants a little twink service, but he sure hopes so. When he gets awoken in the middle of the night, however, Jethro doesn't just want service -- he wants to find out what happens when a twink tops! Can Jethro really handle every inch of that sweet-faced gay's power? Twink on Top - A Redneck Romp.jpg
The Vato and the Violinist: A surprise awaits Shlomo after his show in California -- a sexy cholo surprise who goes by Violador. Shlomo has no idea what he's in for! It turns out Violador has been an alpha macho for a long time, but what he really wants to try is bottoming. He's been so moved by Shlomo's violin-virtuosity that he is willing to bend over and let that delicate Israeli twink climb on top! Twink on Top - The Vato and the Violinist.jpg
The Cartel Bodyguard: As a gay man living on a Mexican drug cartel's compound, Rico can be pretty lonely sometimes. He's surrounded by bodyguards all the time, but he doesn't have any friends or opportunities to date. Luckily, he can get his bodyguards to do nearly anything, which comes in handy when one particularly sexy, brutish cholo arrives on the scene. His name is Octavio, and he's about to find out how erotic bodyguarding can be! Twink on Top The Cartel Bodyguard.jpg
Officer Awful: Kyle has a plan -- he's going to be dominated by a straight alpha male macho cop named Auffernan, though he's called Officer Awful. But Officer Auffernan has something else in mind. Kyle has been a twink and a bottom his whole life, and Officer Awful has always been on top, but things are about to turn topsy-turvy in one hot jail cell! Twink on Top - Officer Awful.jpg
The Native American Masseur: Timmy needs a massage, and he's surprised when his masseur is a burly, rough-looking Native American man, Patuk. Things only get hotter from there, though, because it turns out Patuk has more on his mind than massage! Twink on Top - The Native American Masseur.jpg
The Dork and the Dealer: Juan has just moved to Michigan and needs a dealer to sell him some weed. When he finally finds one, Vic, he's surprised to find that Vic is used to letting gay men swing on his meat. Vic doesn't stop there, however. It turns out he's got some tricks up his sleeve -- Vic insists he won't do anything gay, even as he does it all! You won't believe how far Vic goes... Twink on Top - The Dork and the Dealer.jpg
Seven Minutes in Hockey Jock Heaven: Gay twink Rick Tong hangs out with his girlfriends in the locker room with the winning team after a hockey game. When the players agree to play a game of a different sort, Rick is excited to be included -- he gets to hop in the shower with a burly str8 goalie who'll do anything to get the girls on his side. Will Rick be able to last all seven minutes in heaven? Or will things fall apart when a twink gets on top?! Twink on Top - Seven Minutes in Hockey Jock Heaven.jpg
The Drag Queen and the Frat Boy: Jocelyn is in drag when one of the frat boys from next door comes to see her. His name is Harvey, and he's embarrassed because he's got no experience with women. Jocelyn may not be a woman, but that doesn't mean Harvey can't learn a lesson he'll never forget! The only catch is that Jocelyn demands to be on top! Will Harvey be able to take it? Will Jocelyn convince him to do it all? Twink on Top - The Drag Queen and the Frat Boy.jpg
A Squire's Surprise: Sir Lancelot heads to the Holy Lands with his trusty squire Ruthibald alongside him. But Ruthibald is not like the other squires -- he enjoys servicing his lord, and he even likes the night-time fumbling Sir Lancelot engages in since he has no access to women. But the reality of war is about to sink in, and everything is going to change for Sir Lancelot. One fateful night both men share the truth of their feelings, resulting in a hardcore resolution with one bulky knight on bottom and his slim squire learning what it's like to be a twink on top! Twink on Top - A Squire's Surprise.jpg
The Neighbor and the Samoan Rugby Stoner: Trent goes to see his neighbor, Mata'ala, a formerly pro rugby player who's nearly seven feet tall and brimming with Polynesian swagger and bravado! Mata'ala reveals that he's more comfortable than Trent ever thought with man-on-man action, and he'll do it downlow and dirty. Twink on Top-The Neighbor and the Samoan Rugby Stoner.jpg
Girlfarts: Ted heads to an oil rig to interview some roughnecks, which seems like another humdrum day for him, until he runs into a burly macho stud with some unusual ideas about what's sexy. There's no girls around, so someone who smells kinda like nasty hetero rutting will have to do -- but the surprises don't stop there! This roughneck doesn't want to just get down and dirty, he wants to see what happens when a twink climbs on top! Twink on Top - Girlfarts.jpg
The Lord and the Manservant: Lord Martin is unsure of his sexuality, and of what role men like him are allowed to play in Victorian England. Luckily his trusty manservant Thomas is ready to show him the ropes, no matter the cost. This is yet another outrageous gay short that puts the Twink on Top! Twink on Top - The Lord and the Manservant.jpg
Seven Minutes in Russian Mafia Heaven: Adam has just won a gold medal in gymnastics, representing the glorious Soviet Union! Now he's getting a reward from the local gang, the Russian Mafia (the Bratva), who want to congratulate him on his victory by giving him a night with a girl... But Adam has no interest in girls! What he'd really like is seven minutes in heaven with a Russian musclebound meathead, and that's exactly what he gets! Can Moscow handle what happens when a slender gymnast twink tops a mountain of Soviet thug machismo? Twink on Top - Seven Minutes in Russian Mafia Heaven.jpg
The Prison Guard: Leslie is a prison guard who finds that one desperate inmate, Deon, will do anything for a taste of human affection. He's a burly macho thug with a preference for girls but a willingness to swing towards Leslie's slender gay twink frame. He's got needs, desires and overwhelming urges that Leslie is glad to satisfy! Twink on Top - The Prison Guard.jpg
Yakuza Punishment: Frank is shocked to see Kitsumo on his doorstep -- Kitsumo was the yakuza enforcer who came to see him last year. He's back, having brought shame upon his family, and this time the thing he wants from Frank is something Frank is all too happy to give. Frank's a gay twink who's willing to dole out punishment if that's what will allow Kitsumo to forgive himself! Twink on Top - Yakuza Punishment.jpg
The Programmer and the Pimp: Martin is surprised to see a pimp named Stamper come to see him. Stamper wants Martin to teach his brother computer programming, and he's willing to give up anything -- including his phat brown booty -- to make it happen! Twink on Top - The Programmer and the Pimp.jpg
The Fa'afafine: A fa'afafine is a traditional Samoan transgender woman with male organs, and a desire for hot male flesh! In this pre-modern tale of erotic action, one sexy lithe fa'afafine has a night of incredible passion with Osovale, a studly warrior coming to grips with war, death, manhood and his unbridled sexual desire! Twink on Top - The Fa'afafine.jpg
The Resident and the Roughneck: Ryan is a medical resident in an oil rig town in North Dakota when one of his neighbors comes to him with an embarrassing medical problem. Ryan is able to reassure him that everything is fine, but this is one redneck roughneck who wants to show his appreciation! He's willing to do anything for Ryan in exchange for a little relief, and Ryan is all too happy to climb aboard! This is an outrageous tale of one twink who terrifically tops! Twink on Top - The Resident and the Roughneck.jpg
The Sheikh Submits: When Ahmed is caught in a compromising position, his secret is out of the bag -- he's gay! That's dangerous for a blue-collar worker in the Iraqi oil industry. But then Sheikh Al-Jansour shows up, promising to dish out the punishment that Ahmed's sexuality requires. You won't believe what kind of punishment he's got in mind! Sheikh Al-Jansour is a bodybuilder and religious fundamentalist, while Ahmed is a slim young twink. Al-Jansour ends up having some curious ideas about punishment, shocking Ahmed and you too! Can Ahmed prove his devotion to his employer? And what will Sheikh Al-Jansour do when it's all over? Twink on Top - The Sheikh Submits.jpg
Gary and the Gangbanger: Gary had no idea what he was in for when he came home one night to find a big black gangbanger waiting for him. What does Big Jay want? Can Gary provide it? He's going to have to try to find out, but one thing's for sure, this is one night when the twink goes on top! Twink on Top - Gary and the Gangbanger.jpg
The Strongman: Dandy is a little person with a traveling circus in 1920s America, and one of his friends is a seven foot tall giant who performs as a strongman. His name is Gerwazy, a Pollack with a thick body, big chest and a desire to punish himself by submitting to Dandy's tiny adult frame. Dandy never thought joining the circus would be this hot! But will he be able to match himself up with Gerwazy's mammoth muscles and gigantic stature? Or will this petite twink find himself unable to climb on top? Twink on Top - The Strongman.jpg
Biker on Bottom: Barry goes to a biker bar for the first time, unsure how he'll be received since he's openly gay. But when a hot macho biker approaches him, Barry is ready to service that alpha stud any way he can take it. Barry's always been a bottoming twink... until now! It turns out this is one biker who's willing to bottom so long as no one finds out, a stipulation Barry is all too happy to agree to. How hot can one biker bar get? You're about to find out! Twink on Top - Biker on Bottom.jpg
Turkish Oil Surprise: When Firat wins a Turkish oil wrestling match against a much bigger opponent, he's in for a rough ride he'll never forget! The other guy is a big, burly Turk named Hakan who decides to punish himself for his loss by giving that twink Firat the chance to top where no twink has topped before! Will Firat be able to take all of that bottoming power? Or will it be lights out for his twinky little body? Twink on Top - Turkish Oil Surprise.jpg
The Warrior and the Wizard: Saxen is a gay half-elf wizard who adventures with Carmon, a burly macho warrior with a strict code of sexual purity... and he thinks it's not gay if he's on top. But Saxen has had enough of being treated like a wussy little bottom, so he refuses any more alpha service until Carmon takes a turn down below! Can Carmon handle getting low enough so tiny twink Saxen can climb on top? Twink on Top - The Warrior and the Wizard.jpg
Skinhead Skin and Head: Dan is a cute little gay twink who wants to be a groupie for a hardcore punk band. One of those skinheads in particular has caught his eye -- a big tough brute named Landfill, who is willing to do anything to prove that he lives up to the punk movement's ideals of sexual equality, tolerance and love. He's even willing to get down low so Dan's lithe twink body can climb up on top! Twink on Top - Skinhead Skin and Head.jpg
Str8 Jock on the Bottom: Ricky, the school's gay twink, has been fantasizing about Ricky, the school's hottest, sexiest jock, forever. Until recently, he thought he would never be able to have him. That was before his best friend Lisa, an ebony bombshell, came up with a plan, one she knew was certain to make Peter come around... Gay Erotica Placeholder.jpg
Biker in Diapers: In a bar one night, Paul is approached by a macho straight biker named Snake. But this story doesn't proceed in the direction you might expect -- Snake wants to climb down on bottom in some hardcore AB/DL action with Paul's beautiful twink body climbing on top! You won't believe what this ex-con wants! Twink on Top - Biker in Diapers.jpg
Intercrural Italian: Eddie is a businessman who's been paying protection money to the Mafia for years, but everything is about to change! Now Eddie's little twink body is about to get the ride of a lifetime, as the meaty mafioso muscle man who collects his money lets Eddie do whatever he wants, so long as it isn't sex! That means Eddie learns to enjoy the pleasures of intercrural action (thigh sex; humping) with one massive mass of Italian machismo! Twink on Top - Intercrural Italian.jpg
Penal Party: Ted doesn't know what he's in for when a prison party turns into a prison shower sex-event that you'll have to read to believe. The macho alpha thug who threw the party -- a Boston bad boy named Chowder -- has committed to doing anything Ted wants to prove his dedication, even if tiny twink Ted wants to top that beefy alpha bottom! Can Brutewood Prison handle the hotness that erupts when a twink tops? Twink on Top - Penal Party.jpg
Seven Minutes in Frat Boy Heaven: Tim is the only gay man at a college party with a bunch of sorority girls, and a few studly frat boys. When they decide to play "Seven Minutes in Heaven", Tim has no idea what he's in for -- he ends up crammed into a tiny closet with the college quarterback, who's willing to do anything (and let Tim do anything) as long as Tim puts in a good word for him with a beautiful girl. Will Tim get everything he can out of that big football brute? Can his delicate body handle being a twink on top? Twink on Top - Seven Minutes in Frat Boy Heaven.jpg
The Nerd and the Naval Officer: Abdul is just a shy computer nerd fixing a wireless router on a Navy base when an officer confronts him. Captain Harvey has got some intense desires which he can only bring himself to act out by commanding Abdul to follow his every wish. Abdul just assumes that Captain Harvey would never bottom because he's a big, macho straight man, but he's about to find out how hot the Navy can become when a twink climbs on top! Twink on Top - The Nerd and the Naval Officer.jpg
Trucker Muck: Otto loves trawling for straight raunchy studs at truck stops, but he's in for a rare treat today! A scuzzy redneck named Shankwad parks his truck and says he needs a hole to drain his juices into. But when Otto and Shankwad actually start rutting in the mud and muck, it turns out that Shankwad wants something else entirely, something that delicate little twink Otto isn't sure he can provide. But he's been bottoming boisterously for so long, Otto just might be ready to take his turn on top! Twink on Top - Trucker Muck.jpg
This is an Eroticature Open Type series. You may contribute to it according to certain rules, and you may even publish works in this series written by other people. Contact its maintainer, Eroticatorium, for details.
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